Tuesday, September 30, 2008

She's Crafty - turquoise pants

Well - I actually got a picture of Bridget in one of the pair of pants I've made her. I think they're adorable - Bill occasionally asks if that's really what they're supposed to look like :)! I think he's referencing the somewhat long crotch. I'm going to try and shorten that up a little - but straying from a pattern has not been good for me in the past, we'll see how it goes! Like I said before - mom and I are going to get some skirts and aprons done for a local show and then hopefully do a show at a friends house. We've named our "venture" - I can't call it a business yet because I don't want to jinx it. Ruffle Joy - ahhhhh :).


Expressing Motherhood said...

I love the name!!! Have you seen the website Etsy? I probably mentioned that, but I can totally see you guys on it. I really, selfishly, want to buy your stuff.

Chris said...

You are just too cleaver! Go onto "SCRIBBIT", also a blogspot girl, as I think you would really enjoy it...got hooked on it from Laurie, one of Todd's favorite blog people. She is really a crafty/creative woman, even though her blog is a little on the commercial side...she is probably set up to make money as well as just blog. continue to have fun!!!!!! those girls are just too cute. If you go on my blog, I've posted a pic of my little grand daughters in the hot tub........luv to you all!!!!!

Chris said...

Megan...the girls want some pants like those...did you use a pattern, or make your own?