Friday, January 30, 2009

The Sweater!

Well - I did it. I knit a sweater for a full size person - me! As some of you know - my attention span for any project is about one hour. :) My favorite knitting book is the "One Skein" book - all projects you can do with one skein of yarn. This usually means quick projects! So - knitting a sweater was a serious commitment for me. And it's done!!!!! I've informed many friends and family that I will be wearing it everyday with different pants. I may outgrow this phase, but I may not. And as usual, pictures must follow! Yeah for knitting!!!

The sweater - before the side seams were done, just laying on the table waiting for my mom to get over and help me!

The texture! I now consider myself a master at the seed stitch :).

This girl better be proud of her mama - or I'm giving this sweater to her sister :)!

Surviving Lunch

Poor Lucy. Life is hard right now. At lunch today she tried to be generous and share her grilled cheese with Breck (the dog) and when Breck went for the bite Lucy was offering she got more than the sandwich (a little bite of finger). No blood or anything terrible like that - just hysterics. While sitting on mom's lap recovering from the trauma she insisted on having some of my soup and dribbled it all over her pants - the soup was hot - more hysteria. Then she was back in her high chair trying to finish her sandwich and in her eagerness to remove the lid of her sippy cup she spilled the whole glass of water on her sweater, pants and food remaining on the high chair - you got it by now - hysteria. Then once I wiped her up and she realized she was getting out of her high chair (I'm sure still a little hungry) - hysterics. It must be very hard being a 1 year old. :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

missing my blog

Ah - I miss blogging. It seems time is just full of new things, exciting things - and blogging seems to fall to the way side. But I love it. Mom and I have a booth next week at a fundraiser so we are both crazily sewing. And both saying, "I thought I was so organized, how did this sneak up on me?", etc., etc. Just goes to show that we both always need a little pressure to get to work :). A couple pics, with a couple stories to share...

I took the pics for our Spring Line at my sister-in-laws beautiful dance studio - thanks Jackie! I had a blast taking the pics, but my pictures show SO much motion - even with my camera set at the fastest shutter speed. Any advice camera friends? This time around Lucy was in a much better mood and made the pics -what a relief since she does represent half the namesake :). She seemed to be thrilled as well :)

Oy - I love this one.

As usual - Bridget just isn't photogenic at all :)

I love this angle - and the new kid's aprons are so dang fun!!!

This one is scary... Bridget was facing the bar and I told her to turn around and pose - she did exactly this. Oh the diva...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Nap Pillows

I have had this pattern for a Nap Pillow for seriously two years. I decided in August that I was going to make one for each of the girls for Christmas. It was a total labor of love, but they turned out. If the girls end up loving these even half as much as I do we'll be good. Bill took some pics of me making them and then there's a couple of the girls with them. I want one for myself but I will never, ever take the time to make another one of these :)!

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well - as the title reads - I've been busy!!! Mostly working on bridget&lucy stuff - sewing, ordering fabric, ordering business cards, etc. etc. I updated the bridget and lucy website - so check it out!! The girls are keeping me busy as well - here are some pics!

You really can't see the extent of the mess here, but I decided the girls would have much more fun painting with acrylic paints instead of watercolor paints because I like to paint with acrylics better. very bad idea. You have to scrape acrylic paint off anything it dries on that is not paper - like a high chair tray.

I took Bridget ice skating on the pond in our backyard and she actually could balance pretty well! It was FREEZING out so we were really out there for about 5 minutes -but how fun! Lucy just had her boots on - scootin' around the ice.