Thursday, January 22, 2009

missing my blog

Ah - I miss blogging. It seems time is just full of new things, exciting things - and blogging seems to fall to the way side. But I love it. Mom and I have a booth next week at a fundraiser so we are both crazily sewing. And both saying, "I thought I was so organized, how did this sneak up on me?", etc., etc. Just goes to show that we both always need a little pressure to get to work :). A couple pics, with a couple stories to share...

I took the pics for our Spring Line at my sister-in-laws beautiful dance studio - thanks Jackie! I had a blast taking the pics, but my pictures show SO much motion - even with my camera set at the fastest shutter speed. Any advice camera friends? This time around Lucy was in a much better mood and made the pics -what a relief since she does represent half the namesake :). She seemed to be thrilled as well :)

Oy - I love this one.

As usual - Bridget just isn't photogenic at all :)

I love this angle - and the new kid's aprons are so dang fun!!!

This one is scary... Bridget was facing the bar and I told her to turn around and pose - she did exactly this. Oh the diva...


Chris said...

Cute pics of the girlies...I haven't posted for a while either, almost a month, so I'm feeling a writing jag coming on...I'm like you, taking care of little ones is really a full time job! Hang in there baby girl, it looks like you are doing a bang up job! Hugs to your Mom...and a few for you and the girls too!

Lindsay said...

Great pics you took!
Love the skirts.
I'm not sure on the advice regarding the speed. Sorry I'm camera tech challenged. Maybe you'd have to use your flash? I know that flattens it but you could tweak it afterwards.
Can't wait to buy the new Spring line!

Lindsay said...

I did come across two ideas in a photo magazine.
Open your ISO up to 400.
Turn your fill flash on.
You have to both of these things manually but they said it would help the quality of photos a lot.