Wednesday, October 29, 2008

bridget&lucy : first tag!

I'm going to try and document the adventure of bridget&lucy (the product line) as closely as I can so one day I can look back and go either - wow, look at how far we've come OR - wow, that was a wild idea that didn't work out. EITHER WAY - I want to remember everything because right now it's so much fun!!! I made my first Play Date skirt using our official clothing tags AND our new toggle on the waist. I haven't ended my elastic or put on the felt heart - but I'm tired and I want to get this up :). So -here is the first Play Date skirt with our clothing tag and the new toggle waist!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why do we buy toys...

when garbage cans and plastic tubs will do? Bridget said she was swimming, I'm not sure why that involved being naked, but it did :).

Halloween Preview...

We went to Zoo Boo on Sunday - it was 42 degrees and the wind was so strong it about blew Lucy over. BUT we had talked to Bridget about it and there was no way we were not going just because it might be cold! I put foam curlers in her hair to enhance her mermaid outfit and it was a riot. She has SO MUCH hair! With her big sister going as a mermaid Lucy settled on a crab - ah, perfect! Here are some pics - more will be coming after Halloween!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Antique store find

I've always wanted to have an antique store find of my own. Antique stores are a pretty new interest for me - within the last couple years. I finally found it! My find!! I've been wanting to make a lap blanket. I've thought about knitting one, sewing one, etc. Then I saw it. It was a small lap quilt with no batting and a couple spots that needed stitching - but the color and size were perfect! It didn't have a tag so I assumed it would be one of the those deals where the reason I thought it was so fabulous was because it was expensive. I was wrong! This lap quilt cost me $12 and some time to stitch up the holes. I did a little decorative stitch - thanks to the Alabama Stitch Book - see Bill I do need all those books :)! - and ta-da, my very own lap blanket. I'm in love...

Lucy loves to read

Lucy is so content sitting and looking at book after book. Bridget has always loved books too - but very much prefers being read to by someone. Lucy prefers looking at them by herself. When she finds a picture she really loves - she'll bring it over to show you. And if Bridget is around, she will sit and listen to any book being read!!! She worships the ground Bridget walks on (or sits on) :).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Update on the show and love for the dollar store

Well - we sold some of everything and had just a great response! We have our Open House planned at Sara's and then I'm going to put some things on Etsy and see how that goes :)! Lucy came with me to the show while Bridget was at school and she thought she was the Belle of the Ball!! Lucy is sometimes lost in the whirl of Bridget right now - so she thoroughly enjoyed herself being the only cute toddler there.

On another note - I'm a little in love with dollar stores at the moment. I'd really never gone to one, but while organizing my the office and laundry room I was properly introduced to the dollar store. I'm now in love. We did some "boo bags" for friends in the neighborhood - dollar store. We needed a new tiara because Bridget's broke - dollar store. We needed Halloween candy - dollar store. I needed13 more shoe box size containers for organizing - dollar store. And amazingly it really was all $1 a piece. With the economy supposedly going to pot - stock in most dollar store chains sounds like a good idea to me :)! I also purchased these fabulously unnecessary Halloween headbands for the girls. Poor Bill - fluff, tulle and sparkly things will forever be in his future :)!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our first show

Well - tomorrow morning we will sell our first official items! Very exciting!! My friend, and amazing photographer - Amy Lawrence - took some pictures of our stuff and made 4 X 6 cards for us to hand out - I had to post them!!! I'm really excited about this. I'm so interested to see what people think - see things around town, etc., etc.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Knitting: A Hat for Erin

I have had a blast knitting baby hats for a couple friends with new babies. Since I just learned how to stripe (I know, it is really simple but I was always scared of it) I decided to stripe this hat for Erin. I want one for myself!

Pumpkin Patch

My friend Sara introduced me to a new favorite Fall activity - The Garden of Weed'n. It is a local farm that has produce all summer and a pumpkin patch in the Fall. We took the girls on a rainy afternoon and came home with WAY too many pumpkins - they were only $1 a piece!!! Since we got a little wet, Lucy's hair was too easy to put in a mohawk and I couldn't resist :).

Sleeping Fairies and Fairy Buns

Bridget used to be our amazing sleeper - something went terribly wrong in February and we've been in sleep limbo ever since. The "sleeping fairies" now visit Bridget every night if she stays in her bed. How does she know they've been here? Presents! Really - thank God for the dollar bins at Target. Since she has been getting a lot of presents from the sleeping fairies she decided she wanted to give them something back. Enter my favorite new book, The Gentle Art of Domesticity. The book just happens to have a recipe for Fairy Buns. Bridget helped me make them, of course, and then chose our special topping for the sleeping fairies - gummy bears.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Zoo

Well - I have been so NOT crafty this week. I've got a couple knitting projects in the works and mom and I are getting ready for our skirt and hat sale next week and for the one in November. My friend, and fabulous photographer, Amy Lawrence took pictures of the girls, skirts and hats today - so when those are ready I will show them off!!! But - we did take the girls to the zoo in Omaha last weekend. To say they loved every minute is an understatement!!! And I took so many pictures it's crazy. So here are just a couple...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Conversation with Bridget tonight...

(She picked up a letter sealer and within one minute had broken it)

Me to Bridget: "I'm shocked at how fast you broke that."

Bridget to Me: "I'm shocked at how fast you took it away."

I guess we're even :)!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bill's Bday

We had a very low key birthday for Bill - he shared cupcakes with the girls - from Queen City Bakery - and opened presents. When you have kids, everything quickly changes to be all about them. Even Bill's birthday celebration and pictures are all about them :).

After the orchard...

comes apple pie! I, with the help my assistant Ms. Bridget, made my very first apple pie the day we went to the apple orchard. But I still had a 10 pound bag of apples that needed to be used. So - I made 4 more pies to freeze. Perfect when you need something quick - or perfect for a present! We had a blast!