Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our first show

Well - tomorrow morning we will sell our first official items! Very exciting!! My friend, and amazing photographer - Amy Lawrence - took some pictures of our stuff and made 4 X 6 cards for us to hand out - I had to post them!!! I'm really excited about this. I'm so interested to see what people think - see things around town, etc., etc.


Chris said...

This is so professional looking, and the clothes are just too cute! You guys have a wonderful first day of selling your wares, and good luck on future selling...have you thought of doing it online? With those pictures, you have it in the bag! You need your own website!!!
Hugs, Chris

Todd E. said...

Holly Hobbie be DAMNED! Everything looks beautiful...including the supermodels!

All the best!

Expressing Motherhood said...

Wow, these are awesome! And what models!!! How did it go?
Did you call it Bridget & Lucy?
Awesome, yes you need your own website or get on Etsy!!!
I can advertise for you at our play, for free of course.
Ok, very exciting.