Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Antique store find

I've always wanted to have an antique store find of my own. Antique stores are a pretty new interest for me - within the last couple years. I finally found it! My find!! I've been wanting to make a lap blanket. I've thought about knitting one, sewing one, etc. Then I saw it. It was a small lap quilt with no batting and a couple spots that needed stitching - but the color and size were perfect! It didn't have a tag so I assumed it would be one of the those deals where the reason I thought it was so fabulous was because it was expensive. I was wrong! This lap quilt cost me $12 and some time to stitch up the holes. I did a little decorative stitch - thanks to the Alabama Stitch Book - see Bill I do need all those books :)! - and ta-da, my very own lap blanket. I'm in love...

1 comment:

Todd E. said...

Wow! $12? That's quite the deal! You KNOW I loves me some antique store bargains!

Did you 'quilt' this? Sure looks great!