Friday, June 20, 2008

More pics...

Can you all believe Ms. Colicky Lucy is this happy now? It's such a TREAT!!! More pics from Amy...

I'm so excited...

We just had Lucy's one year pics done with Amy Lawrence Photography - this is the front of her birthday invite. I'm so thrilled about Amy's pics - not to mention her personality (Amy's that is :))!!

He's Back!!

My Uncle Todd's Blog is back - . I'm so excited to have him back online; when I read his blog I can hear him talking. Which is a really great thing since he now lives in Honduras! He comments on everything from the newest blockbusters to anything involving politics. He also made up a song about Ann Coulter - which is worth going to his blog for on its own!!! Long Live Todd's Rules!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

She's Crafty - Birthday Onesie

Lucy has almost made it here a year - honestly, what a miracle. :) We have her one year pics tomorrow and I made her a onesie. I used a bunch of glue and beads for Bridget's first year onesie pics, so I decided to go with fabric for Lucy since that is my current obsession. Although it looks very minimal - this took forever! You can't see it very well - but the thread I used to stitch around the "1" is sparkly - I couldn't resist. Hopefully there will be great pics from it tomorrow!

When Mommy's Away...

I was gone one night this week and Bill had the girls - they obvioulsy had a blast.

The Hills

We were in the Black Hills this weekend - while Bill was at the US Open - poor Bill, he never gets to do anything fun :). Anyways, the cabin and the Hills were awesome. I've always loved the cabin and seeing my kids there makes me love it even more! I want them to have every experience and get excited about every memory that has been and will be made there. Being outside, smelling the Hills - there is just nothing like it. Needless to say, we had a blast. Here are a couple pics...

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Our lilacs just bloomed this weekend - I wish there was smell-o-vision through the monitor because they smell SO good!

She's Crafty - Girl's Skirt

My mom is sewing again - and she is really good. She use to sew a ton of her own clothes when she was younger and she even made her own wedding dress - impressive. Having 2 granddaughters has brought out her sewing skills again. The latest piece is a doozy - this ADORABLE skirt. Bridget and Lucy each have one, as you will see modeled here. Really - aren't they the cutest thing.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fruit of the Vine?

Well, I knew this before but I went all out anyways - gardening takes a lot of time and you should know quite a bit about what you're planting before you do it. The amount of time the garden has required has actually been the easy part this time. Bridget LOVES to be outside - so watering, weeding, and tending to the garden seems to be doable so far this summer. Having the knowledge to take care of the garden is another thing all together. So far most things are growing well, it seems. The main thing I need to figure out now is how I will know when the peppers, leeks, onions and broccoli are ready since the finished product will be underground. I am such a novice gardener. We had one sad strawberry appear yesterday. Not only was it a very deformed strawberry - some kind of creature took a bite out of it before Bridget had a chance to (pic below). And - I bought really huge tomato plants thinking that way it would be really hard to mess them up (since I messed them up last year) - but that is not true I'm finding out. If you can see in the picture of the whole garden, the tomato plants look sad. Adventures in gardening!!!