Saturday, May 31, 2008

Conversation with Bridget...

Me: "Bridget, how did you grow up so fast?"

Bridget: "Well, because I can go potty...(long pause)...on the TOLIET. And I like cupcakes."

My conversations with Bridget are SO funny right now - I wish I could record every one. And yes - that is many types of food all over her face. We had this conversation in the middle of dinner and I just had to get a picture; strawberries, Easy Mac and all.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


My grandma, my dad's mom, passed away this morning. She was lucky enough to have her kids that live in the State by her side. She was extraordinary in many ways. She taught me how to hunt Teepee Canyon agates and turn off the lights. Grandpa will be SO excited to see her :).

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Potty Training

Today is D-Day for Bridget. No more diapers, except for bed, and rubber undies until she can stay dry for a couple days and then she can pick out her very own pretty Princess undies. This was obviously not that appealing to her. After peeing in her second pair of rubber undies she informed me that no I didn't need to change them right away - she could just sit in these wet ones for a little. That can't be a good sign!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Carnival

We took Bridget to the Carnival in the Mall parking lot today - very high class :). You would've thought we brought her to DisneyWorld she was so excited. She loved all the kiddie rides and even did the Tilt-A-Whirl with dad. I went on one ride with her and almost threw up afterwards - how did I go on that super spinny ride at Adventureland over and over and over? Lucy hung in the stroller and was thoroughly entertained by all the people watching. Here are a couple pics - hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

She's Crafty - Tulle Frame

I thought I would try and start logging anything crafty on my blog. It keeps with my "Domestic" theme and it makes it more real when I share the project :). I couldn't resist a mini session at the photo studio titled "Ballerina Babes". After I got the cute proofs back and ordered my composite I wondered what I could possibly do to this picture to make it interesting compared to the other bazillion composite pictures of our young children. Since they were in tutu's I stuck with the theme. My mom had some taupe tulle - I know, all of you that know her are saying "Of course she just happened to have some taupe tulle". I then went searching for a pre-made frame with a plain white mat that I could wrap in tulle. Now, the picture isn't great because I couldn't use a flash, but you get the idea. My only problem now is that I'm thinking of other things I can wrap matting with - a dangerous thought. Can you imagine how cute you could frame a picture if you wrap the mat in cool fabric? old letters? beautiful paper? wrapping paper? newspaper from the day your child was born if it's a birth picture? Really, you can think of ten million things to wrap a photo mat in. Anyways - here's a look at what I did.

A couple HUGE things

A couple great things to talk about tonight. Number one - BRIDGET HAS SLEPT IN HER OWN BED ALL NIGHT THE LAST TWO NIGHTS. This is so huge that I had to write it in all caps. After she slept in her bed all night the first night I wanted to make sure it continued. I found an adorable night light that she could put her own picture in. I asked her who she wanted in her picture and who won? - the dog, Breck. So, Breck is in Bridgie's nightlight and she loves it. To actually sleep all night has made me more exhausted - oh the irony.
Second - Lucy continues to be so much fun!!! She is laughing and smiling and pointing, etc., etc. It's so crazy to think that she really just made this huge turn around only two months ago. The brain is SO good at blocking out the bad stuff really quickly :). That said, I'm still very committed to the idea that Lucy is our last child :).
And lastly - my friend Lindsay went to Sophie Uliano's Gorgeously Green book signing in LA - and got me a signed copy!! I feel so hip and just love that she signed the book to me - how fabulous. If Sophie lived in Sioux Falls I just know we'd be best buds :)!

Happy Sunday to all and have a great week! (Somebody pinch me, the last couple posts have been too good:))

Thursday, May 15, 2008


This is the best word to describe my last 30ish hours. Yesterday morning I dropped my kids off at my mom's and headed for Minneapolis to hit IKEA, meet up with a college friend, stay at family friends' and then hit Trader Joe's this morning on the way home. Every aspect of the mini trip was so much fun! I had a great book on CD and the ride up went way too fast. I conquered IKEA with only a few ego bruises while dropping boxes trying to balance too much on my cart (3 really nice people helped me reload). Then I had the BEST time hanging out with Jane - my friend from college. I really couldn't have had more fun. The same laughs, the same mannerisms we had while in college - but now we're talking about being wives and moms - TOO MUCH FUN! I then got to our family friends' house and stayed up until 12:30 talking to Sue and drinking wine - perfect end to a perfect day. When I got up this morning I took a shower and took as long as I wanted. I also actually blow dried my hair right after taking my shower and put my make up on all at once, by myself - a serious luxury. Then Sue had made the ultimate breakfast - my favorite meal. We printed a couple maps to get me where I wanted to go and I hit the road. Trader Joe's was fabulous and I was able to finish my book on CD before I got back to Sioux Falls. I've unloaded the car and mom has just pulled up with my kids - talk about a perfect 30ish hours!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Funny how things happen...

Thursday mornings both my kids have places to be - usually. Today my mom spent time with her friend who just lost her dad instead of taking care of Ms. Lucy - I wouldn't expect anything different. As I dropped Bridget off at her morning playtime her "teacher" found out that I was able to sew and asked if I would sew on a couple Girl Scout patches for a family friend of hers that she had committed to doing but really had no time to do. I knew the young girl she was talking about - her mom died about 3 years ago and her dad is raising her by himself. So - I told her I could of course sew on the patches, and now that I was going home to put Lucy down for a nap I could do it this morning. I just finished sewing them all on 5 minutes ago. After looking up online where the heck I was supposed to put all the patches, messing up a couple times and having to start over, and then finally finishing the vest, I've come away with one thought ... I really hope my girls never want to be girl scouts :)!!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Why I haven't posted lately

There are actually a lot of reasons why. I really need to try and do this more often because when I think about sitting down to write I think of so many things to write about - why women are so amazing (did anyone see the Oprah where women always came to the rescue of victims during a hidden camera set up?), my obsession with the new Gorgeously Green book, my plan to plant a vegetable garden, the tradgedy of the Kentucky Derby (I knew I shouldn't have watched it!), the importance of old friends, etc. etc. But today I'm going to write about something I can include pictures with :). I have been sewing - a lot!!! I've made 7 tea towel aprons and 2 coaster sets from Amy Karol's Bend the Rules Sewing book and I've made four pillow covers and one loveseat cover with instructions from my mom :). I'm honestly having so much fun I can't stand it. I'm constantly looking for where ribbon is on sale in town and can't wait to have time for my next project. I've also found a ton of cool blogs about sewing/knitting/fabric etc. etc. - like I need more to look at at the computer - but they are fabulous inspiration. And did you know they have a magazine called "Artful Blogging"? It's a whole new world to me. Anyways - here are some pics of some of my sewing creations.