Thursday, May 15, 2008


This is the best word to describe my last 30ish hours. Yesterday morning I dropped my kids off at my mom's and headed for Minneapolis to hit IKEA, meet up with a college friend, stay at family friends' and then hit Trader Joe's this morning on the way home. Every aspect of the mini trip was so much fun! I had a great book on CD and the ride up went way too fast. I conquered IKEA with only a few ego bruises while dropping boxes trying to balance too much on my cart (3 really nice people helped me reload). Then I had the BEST time hanging out with Jane - my friend from college. I really couldn't have had more fun. The same laughs, the same mannerisms we had while in college - but now we're talking about being wives and moms - TOO MUCH FUN! I then got to our family friends' house and stayed up until 12:30 talking to Sue and drinking wine - perfect end to a perfect day. When I got up this morning I took a shower and took as long as I wanted. I also actually blow dried my hair right after taking my shower and put my make up on all at once, by myself - a serious luxury. Then Sue had made the ultimate breakfast - my favorite meal. We printed a couple maps to get me where I wanted to go and I hit the road. Trader Joe's was fabulous and I was able to finish my book on CD before I got back to Sioux Falls. I've unloaded the car and mom has just pulled up with my kids - talk about a perfect 30ish hours!


Lindsay said...

I just had fun reading your post!!! How great you met up with Jane! You haven't seen her since college, right?! Did you drive through Des Moines? It sounds like it. I'm sure you did. Yeah for you!!! Woo-wee taking your time with your hair, I feel your excitement.

Lindsay said...

p.s. I just stumbled across another mommy crafty blogger. she's got some cute homemade stuff