Sunday, May 18, 2008

She's Crafty - Tulle Frame

I thought I would try and start logging anything crafty on my blog. It keeps with my "Domestic" theme and it makes it more real when I share the project :). I couldn't resist a mini session at the photo studio titled "Ballerina Babes". After I got the cute proofs back and ordered my composite I wondered what I could possibly do to this picture to make it interesting compared to the other bazillion composite pictures of our young children. Since they were in tutu's I stuck with the theme. My mom had some taupe tulle - I know, all of you that know her are saying "Of course she just happened to have some taupe tulle". I then went searching for a pre-made frame with a plain white mat that I could wrap in tulle. Now, the picture isn't great because I couldn't use a flash, but you get the idea. My only problem now is that I'm thinking of other things I can wrap matting with - a dangerous thought. Can you imagine how cute you could frame a picture if you wrap the mat in cool fabric? old letters? beautiful paper? wrapping paper? newspaper from the day your child was born if it's a birth picture? Really, you can think of ten million things to wrap a photo mat in. Anyways - here's a look at what I did.

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Lindsay said...

ooh I love your idea of using old letters. wow, i'm going to do that.
really great photo of the girls, that place you go to is so cool.
glad you like the book ;)
And yes, I hear you and the excitement of her sleeping through the night and yes why is it that it makes us more tired sometimes? almost like the body is saying, hey now that you are listening to me, I'm tired!!!