Thursday, May 8, 2008

Funny how things happen...

Thursday mornings both my kids have places to be - usually. Today my mom spent time with her friend who just lost her dad instead of taking care of Ms. Lucy - I wouldn't expect anything different. As I dropped Bridget off at her morning playtime her "teacher" found out that I was able to sew and asked if I would sew on a couple Girl Scout patches for a family friend of hers that she had committed to doing but really had no time to do. I knew the young girl she was talking about - her mom died about 3 years ago and her dad is raising her by himself. So - I told her I could of course sew on the patches, and now that I was going home to put Lucy down for a nap I could do it this morning. I just finished sewing them all on 5 minutes ago. After looking up online where the heck I was supposed to put all the patches, messing up a couple times and having to start over, and then finally finishing the vest, I've come away with one thought ... I really hope my girls never want to be girl scouts :)!!!

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