Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting a little older, have kids, or what - but I think slowing down and enjoying the special little things is becoming much more important to me. I use to never slow down - going, going, going - and I liked it that way! Now I try and enjoy the daily moments, like the following I had with the girls on Saturday morning while dad was golfing...

We took some baked goodies from QCB and headed to Falls Park for a picnic...

The friendly barista at QCB convinced me life is short so I should have cream with my coffee - so I did!
The girls proved their ability to pose with the best of them on cue!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The nightly pick-up

Every night ends with the same routine - the pick-up. Picking up the house is just part of the day with kids. You are never done and typically while you are picking up one thing your children are messing up another. That's why I do the major pick-up at night. I've let go of the anger - I now try and get through it quickly and efficiently and enjoy the peace of a picked up house when it's done :) - I know, so zen. It's amazing what I find while picking up at night. Tonight I found an undressed doll, a Christmas scene electronic toy, toy cars, parts of books, fruit snack wrappers, a make-up brush I've been looking for, really big knitting needles, a legless Sleeping Beauty, a toothbrush and unfortunately - a toilet brush. The sad part - I have no idea when the toilet brush was brought out to the porch - no idea whatsoever. Thank God they're so stinkin' cute - I don't care about the mess!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Accident Prone

Oh this child!!!! At her second birthday party she fell off a picnic bench and landed on cement, leading to a visit to acute care that night and a visit to the ER the following day for a CAT scan - ALL which turned out just fine thank God! She woke up from her afternoon nap after her CAT scan by falling off my bed (she wouldn't get settled in her crib so I had her in my room). Last night she bonked her head on the coffee table directly inbetween her eyebrows. There was a blue goose egg immediately!!! She was looking a little rough today but we had a couple errands to run. At the first store she was showing me how big she was and she opened the door directly into her head - SERIOUSLY!!! I'm pretty sure I should invest in a cute helmet.