Sunday, May 18, 2008

A couple HUGE things

A couple great things to talk about tonight. Number one - BRIDGET HAS SLEPT IN HER OWN BED ALL NIGHT THE LAST TWO NIGHTS. This is so huge that I had to write it in all caps. After she slept in her bed all night the first night I wanted to make sure it continued. I found an adorable night light that she could put her own picture in. I asked her who she wanted in her picture and who won? - the dog, Breck. So, Breck is in Bridgie's nightlight and she loves it. To actually sleep all night has made me more exhausted - oh the irony.
Second - Lucy continues to be so much fun!!! She is laughing and smiling and pointing, etc., etc. It's so crazy to think that she really just made this huge turn around only two months ago. The brain is SO good at blocking out the bad stuff really quickly :). That said, I'm still very committed to the idea that Lucy is our last child :).
And lastly - my friend Lindsay went to Sophie Uliano's Gorgeously Green book signing in LA - and got me a signed copy!! I feel so hip and just love that she signed the book to me - how fabulous. If Sophie lived in Sioux Falls I just know we'd be best buds :)!

Happy Sunday to all and have a great week! (Somebody pinch me, the last couple posts have been too good:))

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