Saturday, January 10, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well - as the title reads - I've been busy!!! Mostly working on bridget&lucy stuff - sewing, ordering fabric, ordering business cards, etc. etc. I updated the bridget and lucy website - so check it out!! The girls are keeping me busy as well - here are some pics!

You really can't see the extent of the mess here, but I decided the girls would have much more fun painting with acrylic paints instead of watercolor paints because I like to paint with acrylics better. very bad idea. You have to scrape acrylic paint off anything it dries on that is not paper - like a high chair tray.

I took Bridget ice skating on the pond in our backyard and she actually could balance pretty well! It was FREEZING out so we were really out there for about 5 minutes -but how fun! Lucy just had her boots on - scootin' around the ice.


Todd E. said...

I LOVE that the girls have a pond in the backyard for you know that when I was little (before we moved to Vermillion in 1969) we had a pond down the hill and across the street...and that is where I learned to skate...and you couldn't get me off the ice no matter HOW FREEZING it was! Some of my fondest memories!

Love, love, love the photos!

Todd E. said...

Don't know what happened....does this cut you off if you talk to much....kinda like an Oscar speech?? Some of my fondest memories as a kid is what it SHOULD have said. Okay...orchestra...NOW you can play.