Friday, January 30, 2009

Surviving Lunch

Poor Lucy. Life is hard right now. At lunch today she tried to be generous and share her grilled cheese with Breck (the dog) and when Breck went for the bite Lucy was offering she got more than the sandwich (a little bite of finger). No blood or anything terrible like that - just hysterics. While sitting on mom's lap recovering from the trauma she insisted on having some of my soup and dribbled it all over her pants - the soup was hot - more hysteria. Then she was back in her high chair trying to finish her sandwich and in her eagerness to remove the lid of her sippy cup she spilled the whole glass of water on her sweater, pants and food remaining on the high chair - you got it by now - hysteria. Then once I wiped her up and she realized she was getting out of her high chair (I'm sure still a little hungry) - hysterics. It must be very hard being a 1 year old. :)

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Chris said...

OH, that sounds sooo familiar!