Thursday, September 4, 2008

She's Crafty - 4 hour knit hat

Just my style. The book listed this project as 2 - 4 hours and they were right! I was able to knit one for Bridget and one for Lucy. I swear knitting them hats is really stupid - they refuse to keep them on. But damn if they aren't the quickest patterns out there! And - as I've said before - patience is not my deal. I want to make it and wear it in the same day if at all possible. I did get a couple of pictures of Bridget in hers before she took it off. Of course I had to threaten her by asking Lucy if SHE wanted to wear Bridget's hat - of course Lucy doesn't answer yet - but that's all Bridget needed to hear to put it on for a few pics.

1 comment:

Todd E. said...

And you're up in G'ma's room, I see! Great hat, great color, CUTE KID!!!