Thursday, September 4, 2008

A bunch of firsts for Bridget

Bridget has been embarking on many firsts lately. I'm amazingly excited for all of them - really not emotional at all, just excited. She had her first day of preschool. She came out saying, "Oh mom - I had SUCH a good time!" What else would a mom want to hear?! She also went to her first dance class today. I now understand what "living vicariously through your children" truly means :)! I'm pretty sure it was more fun for me than her - though she again said, " I had SO much fun!" It doesn't hurt that her Aunt Jackie is her teacher :). She also saw her first buffalo in the Black Hills. She thought it was cool but told me many times not to get too close. Little does she know that although I'm amazed by buffalo, I'm mostly terrified. Wait until she hears about how I feel about ocean life!! (beyond terrified - for those of you that don't know). And of course, a few pics to celebrate all of it. I could have posted so many pictures, but they just take too long to upload!

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Lindsay said...

She looks so grown up in the ballerina photo. That must have been so much fun to have watched her. And pre-school!