Monday, September 29, 2008

Apple Season!

The girls and I had a blast at the Apple Orchard this weekend. Bill was at a Nebraska game so I had to do a little self talking before taking the girls to the Orchard by myself. "We don't have a time schedule, it doesn't matter how long we are out picking apples, it doesn't matter how many times Bridget wants to ride the train, it doesn't matter how many kittens Lucy wants to follow" etc., etc. Well - it worked. We spent 2 1/2 hours at the orchard and enjoyed almost every minute (nothing ever goes totally perfect :)). When we got home I baked my first apple pie from scratch - usually I would have pics to show of the pie - but all I did was take one on my phone to send to Bill. BUT I do have pics of the girls!!! What is it about being outdoors with little kids? It's really like magic.

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Expressing Motherhood said...

Just when I'm feeling good about living in LA I see pictures like this and want to beg Gregg to move to the midwest with me again. So cute! Yes, magic, magic, magic.