Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Dog Park is a good idea - right?

Well, maybe not in our case :). We had great intentions. Take our dog to the dog park, bring the kids and everyone gets outside and is entertained. Well - I guess we were all entertained. Bridget ran around after the dog the entire time - which was great until she slipped in mud and covered herself in it. No biggie, we'll just take her skirt off for the ride home. She then demanded the playground - which is right next to the dog park so that sounded great. After playing for 3 minutes she informed me she had to go potty as she peed her pants - the outing went south from there. Since she was covered in mud and pee we had no option except to strip her down in the parking lot - I can imagine what people were thinking as they watched us :). I luckily had another pair of undies. So, after her Wet Ones bath in the parking lot we put on her extra pair of undies and headed home. The intentions were so good!!! In spite of all that we had a great time and all stayed amazingly happy and calm :)! Never a dull moment...

This pic is from the cabin - but she was just about as dirty tonight :)

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Lindsay said...

That is a great photo!