Sunday, February 17, 2008


This is it - I'm starting my own blog. After reading my friend Lindsay's blog for over a year the idea of my own started to sound interesting. And then Lindsay e-mailed - "you should start your own." I guess that's the little push I needed. Thanks Lindsay! Lindsay and I go way back - here is a fabulous picture of the two of us in junior high - what a pretty stage of life.

To explain my title... I am constantly searching for something to be REALLY good at. I should rephrase that - I want to be REALLY good at MAKING something specifically. So I dabble in all sorts of hobbies. To name a few - knitting, needlepoint, sewing, jewelry making, baking, cooking, etc. etc. I can do most of these things pretty well - but I haven't mastered anything quite yet. I'm confident I will in time. In the meantime I'm excited to post thoughts and experiences on this blog. More later...


Lou said...

Wow, we were something else.
This is wonderful. Another place to showcase your creativity.
I'm honored to have been an inspiration.

todd's rules said...

Welcome to blogdom! All the best, Megan....and you certainly have ample inspiration to keep your little corner of the internet filled with great stories and pictures. I will be tuning in...regularly!