Friday, February 22, 2008

Staying Sane...

is REALLY hard on occasion. My day has gone something like this - at midnight Bridget (the toddler) woke up coughing. As I tried to calmly coax her to go back to sleep in HER room instead of mine for 30 minutes I realized I was fighting a losing battle. She slept really close to me all night - again. Then at about 2 am Lucy (the baby) started screaming - she had pooped. If you think it's unsettling that I just nonchalantly used the word pooped - I don't blame you - it just happens to be a constant topic in my life right now. Once she went back to bed I tried to sleep while Bridget tossed and turned, throwing her leg over me and coughing in my face. Lucy was up at 5:45 am with no hopes of going back to bed. Bridget woke up noticeably cranky - I don't blame her, she didn't sleep very well. SO - being the intelligent woman I am I ventured to the grocery store at 8 am with both girls in tow. (FYI - that was sarcasm, this was NOT an intelligent move) When we got there, I put Lucy in the BabyBjorn - realizing she pooped on the way to the grocery store (I told you, constant topic) - I knew I would need to change her diaper when we got inside. Bridget picked out the gigantic car grocery cart - which was fine with me because it usually kept her inside the car - which is always a bonus. We all went to the bathroom to change Lucy's diaper, except once we were in the bathroom I realized I didn't have any diapers for Lucy - just a Pull-Up for Bridget. As creative as I try to be, I couldn't figure out how to make a Pull-Up work for my 7 month old. So - back to the grocery cart. Bridget decides she is not interested in riding in the cart, she will be pushing it. The fancy car grocery carts are almost IMPOSSIBLE for adults to push, so a toddler trying to push it by herself was quite frustrating - I mean, funny. :) Meanwhile, Lucy still has a poopy diaper. We slowly made our way to the diaper aisle, Bridget trying to push the cart while I pulled it from the front - trying to be as calm as the situation would allow me to be. After opening up the diaper box, getting one on Lucy while trying to keep Bridget in her clothes (we're in the middle of potty training) - we made it to the check out line. As I got everybody back in the car with my sanity mostly intact I though of my blog name - Trying To Be Domestic - the major reason we ventured to the grocery store this morning was to get eggs, to make a new cookie recipe my husband found yesterday. Chalk that up to DESPERATELY trying to be domestic :)!

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