Monday, March 10, 2008

This will make you laugh...

No one slept very well at our house last night- actually both girls slept well - Bill and I didn't though. We are both fighting colds. Which means I'm a lighter sleeper than normal and Bill is a louder snorer than normal - not a good combo. So around 1 am I wake Bill up to let him know he is snoring WAY too loud - he let me know (not very happily I might add) that he had JUST gotten to sleep. After he fell back asleep and kept snoring really, REALLY loud, I decided to go sleep on the couch. But - before that I thought it was perfectly sane to go get the video camera, go back to our room, video tape Bill snoring so he would know exactly how loud he was, and then go sleep on the couch. I know, BRILLIANT :)!

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

yes a laugh indeed. I LOVE the hey I just fell asleep comment.
I swear I understand why one set of my grandparents slept in two different beds now, not a bad idea;)