Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fleeting Moment

I was getting desperate. Bridget had been up in the middle of the night, moving to her sleeping bag on our floor for as many nights as I could remember. (I'm convinced I'm setting up some horrible habit that will never end. I guess I would be lucky if she was sleeping on our floor at 17 - at least I would know she was home :)!) Before I went to bed on Friday night I was reading Eat Pray Love. The author was writing about prayer. She was talking about the need to be specific with prayer. Praying, "I really need help, please help me, etc." usually didn't get the job done. So - taking a cue from Elizabeth Gilbert - before I went to bed I prayed, "Please let Bridget sleep peacefully tonight" - and I'm pretty sure I said it a zillion times. I woke up at 7 am when Lucy was getting up - AMAZING!!! I had a smile plastered on my face for most of the morning and Bridget was a joy to be around because she actually slept!!! Last night I did the same thing, thinking it was probably too good to be true to happen a second night in a row. I was right - Bridgie was in our room at 1am to snuggle up in her sleeping bag. But I'm still ecstatic about the great night sleep on Friday night! My skepticism about her sleeping well two nights in a row could be what doomed her Saturday night sleep. Like Aretha Franklin sang, " I Say Little Prayer for You".....Bridget:)!

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