Tuesday, June 30, 2009

back to being domestic

Well - although I've been hangin' with the girls, going to a wedding, visiting a college friend, trying to enjoy summer and launching a business :) - I'm still pushing myself to "be domestic" - whatever that phrase happens to mean to me on a particular day. Some days it means taking a quilting class (because I need another hobby :)) and some days it means sewing on a button. Today it meant banana bread. Basically because we had two overripe bananas and walnuts - ta-da, banana bread. Bridget helped in the kitchen as always and informed me that she would be breaking the eggs. I had to literally arm wrestle her to get the eggs away - there were some tense moments where we almost lost an egg :). The banana bread was so good in fact that Bridget had multiple pieces without even mentioning the large amounts of walnuts - which must mean it's super awesome!

On another note - I know I've mentioned this before, but it seems that when Bill has the girls for a weekend they have a TON of fun and are definitely messier than when I'm around. I guess at least it's a "new" messy :). Lucy got into some sunscreen and then Bridget lovingly smeared dirt all over her sunscreen - she's a giver that Bridget. As you can see on Lucy's smiling face - Bridget can literally do ANYTHING to her and she thinks it's fabulous. Bill let me know that the mixture of sunscreen and dirt forms something like an industrial grease - in case you were curious.

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