Sunday, July 20, 2008


A good story to share. This weekend was Bill's 20th high school reunion. We had a new babysitter on Saturday night and I told her we'd be back around 10:00 pm. Since your 20 year high school reunion only happens once I was a good wife - when we had to go relieve the sitter I told Bill to stay and I would take care of the girls. I got home, the girls were great, I paid our sitter, I got ready for her to go and I quickly realized one thing - our new sitter is 13 and I had to drive her home. Which was going to be difficult since I left Bill at his reunion. Anyone who knows me knows how completely anal I am about my children's sleep schedules - so it will be no surprise that after I couldn't get a hold of Bill or my sister it took me 5 minutes to even think of waking them up and taking them with us - it just didn't even dawn on me. So, I woke up my soundly sleeping children to take the new babysitter home - she probably thinks I'm crazy :). Bridget didn't speak for about 10 minutes - and when she finally did she asked, "Where are we going?" Like I said - CLASSIC!

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Lindsay said...

That's hilarious! That must have felt so wrong to wake them up.