Saturday, November 15, 2008

Funny teeth

When Bill and I were in Nebraska for a football weekend with friends - he didn't do much shopping. Sara and I had a blast at Sephora with Tami who gave us tons of advice on our serious addiciton to Bare Escentuals - BUT - like I said, Bill didn't buy much - except a whole box of fake teeth on sale for $2.99. Chaos ensued at bath time the night we got home! Bill and I were laughing so hard at the girls - I'm laughing now just looking at the pics.


Chris said...

that's even funnier than Elizabeth's vampire teeth!!!!!!! hope you all made it through the snow storm...we were 85 here today on Nov. 15th! climate change is on us like white on rice!

Sara said...

Hillarious! Where did he buy those??

Todd E. said...

So, so, so funny...!