Sunday, April 6, 2008

Back to Reality

Well - Bill and I had a fab trip to Scottsdale and loved every minute of the warm sun. My parents had a little harder time while we were gone - Bridget had a 24 flu (yes, throwing up a lot) and Lucy got a tooth - and with Lucy you KNOW she is getting a tooth. Flying home on the plane after 5 days in fabulous warm weather I really felt rejuvenated and thought I was ready to be home and be an even better mom. Well - that didn't seem to last very long. We've been home for a week and my last words to my toddler tonight went something like, "If you get out of your bed one more time I'm going to lock your door". UGH! What a terrible way to end the night!!! She has been beyond hard lately. And even knowing that it is a stage and she will get over it, etc., etc. just doesn't help when you're in the middle of the stage night after night. I really wonder what the SuperNanny would do with Bridget's sleeping issues - how do I get a hold of her?!

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Lindsay said...

Glad you had a great time.
It really is beyond hard this mothering gig. I've been feeling the burn.
If I get ahold of the Super Nanny's number I'll pass it on:)
It seems like great sleepers turn into "bad" ones around this age.
I'm scared. I have no advice.